Celebrate Pi Day with STEAM and Magic

The Magic House is opening a brand new science-based play area dubbed the “STEAM Center” on March 14th, otherwise known as Pi Day. You know, because 3.14 is π.

March 14th also happens to be Albert Einstein’s 140 birthday.

Admission to the Magic House on March 14th will be $3.14 to celebrate Pi Day and the STEAM Center’s grand opening!

Let your kids play Mad Scientist at the Magic House

What’s STEAM anyway?

You’ve probably heard of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. STEAM is all that plus ART.

Four Magic House play areas have combined into one great STEAM Center

Where is the New STEAM Center?

Magic House steam center

The new STEAM Center has taken over the entire lower level of the South Wing. It’s an expansion on the space previously used for the Make-It Workshop, Art Studio, and Future Play areas. The Science Lab was formerly space for administrative offices.

The Math Path now has a place where you can measure yourself in inches, centimeters…or LEGO Bricks!

The Math Path now flows down the steps (from near the Children’s Village) and ends at the area formerly occupied by Goodnight Moon and a reading nook. Don’t worry, Goodnight Moon just to the Wonder Works area!

The Science Lab was administrative office space.

Lab Coats and Microscopes

Kids can dress the part at the new science center with white lab coats and safety glasses. The lab is totally high tech, with state of the art microscopes and six tables for experiments. There are currently 12 different science experiments for kids to explore–the experiments are on a rotation so each time you visit you’ll find something new!

Mitch discovers if rocks can float. (Spoiler alert–some can!)

Grown up lab assistants will be on hand to help kids through the experiments if they need it.

Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Geology and more

Besides simple chemistry experiments, kids can also study plants and butterflies that are grown right in the lab!

With a Little Help from our Friends

The Magic House is a not-for-profit museum, so they needed the help of generous donors to make the expansion a reality. Emerson, the global technology and engineering company headquartered in St. Louis, donated $1 million dollars to build and support the STEAM Center. The gift will also make sure that children in need will be able to access the Magic House with free programing.

“We are honored to have Emerson’s continued support for our educational mission,” said Beth Fitzgerald, President of The Magic House. “They share our commitment to STEAM education and their exceptional support will impact children for generations.”

Magic House press release
Donor names are on this super cool gear wall that kids can spin!

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